Make a dramatic difference to a child


We make productions for young audiences with professional actors and creatives.

From our base in Swindon we also make productions with young actors and young creatives.

Our professional work includes new plays from authors including Terry Deary and tours theatres and schools.

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Our productions


When being different brings the most wonderful of surprises...

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Painting the past

Swish. Brush. Etch. Sketch... A group of artists find themselves stuck in the past, trapped in the stories of their ancient artwork.

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Fruitcake & Flagpoles

​In July 1919 the country celebrated the official end of the First World War, but in Swindon the festivities turned riotous.

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A Poem for Swindon

Highlighting Swindon's achievements and glories

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Teenage Kicks

Bring young and older generations together.

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The Odyssey

The first production to be written by Prime Theatre’s young playwrights

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Green Game

A glorious, grassy hillside. A beautiful, babbling brook. Hundreds of hidden lives.

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Last Thursday: A Verbatim Project

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Plink & Boo

Welcome to the topsy turvy world of Plink and Boo.

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The 11th Hour

1918. A trench. The First World War ends in an hour.

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Singing Together

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The year is 2046. London is under flood. Adults have messed up. Youth is taking over.

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Punk Rock

Welcome to Sixth Form Hell

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This Is Our Town

The name of our town is Swindon, Wiltshire.The year is 1901. And 1903. And 1913. And 2018.

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The Macbeth Curse

A perfect introduction to the magic and madness of Macbeth

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The Wyvern Of Wiltshire

A new radio play written by Terry Deary with BBC Wiltshire and Salisbury International Arts Festival.

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A baby butterfly has just been born and can’t wait to explore the world with its brand new wings.

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This Secret Life

Lizzie loves Jack. Jack loves Lizzie. So much that he’ll never leave her alone...ever.

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We are proud to present these words

Transforming Swindon For Decades

Prime Theatre, its team, productions and projects have been transforming Swindon for decades.Through my years in several schools I have witnessed Prime bring joy and skills to generations, especially children who are hard to reach or engage.

Helen Swanson - Drove Primary School

Consistently Engaging

"Prime successfully combines education and creativity and their work is consistently engaging for a diverse range of audiences"

Abygail Hughes - Theatre Practitioner

I love how many opportunities Prime gives me

“I love how many opportunities Prime gives me to perform and develop my acting abilities. I have also been given the opportunity to work with some amazing actors and directors through Prime and be a part of productions”

Erin - Prime Minister

An outstanding provision

Prime Theatre provides my daughter with a high quality youth theatre, teaching her the fundamentals of acting whilst supporting her personal and social development. I think it is an outstanding provision and should be celebrated.

Laura Barnes - Parent

I'm grateful

"Without Prime I would not be where I am today, and for that I'm really grateful."

Jacob Tyrrell - Young Trustee

Real impact

As Headteacher, I have always believed in encouraging children to follow their passions. The impact of improvisation, language development and performance on pupils’ self-confidence and self-esteem is not to be underestimated. The passion from Mark Powell made Prime Theatre the obvious starting point for me to develop a partnership that would have a real impact on the children and we have never looked back.

Bob Buckley - Headteacher of Abbey Meads Primary School

Make a dramatic difference to a child

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