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Ten Tiny Plays about Wiltshire

This is your opportunity to write a short radio play for the BBC

10 selected plays will be recorded and broadcast on BBC Wiltshire as part of the Swindon Spring Festival

The 10 plays will be featured the James Thomas afternoon show Monday 4 to Friday 15 May 2-4pm

Professional Writers Jamila Gavin, Sumita Majunder and Barney Norris are supporting the project in workshops and selecting the final 10 plays

If you are interested in taking part in a workshop find out more here

How to enter:

Please send your plays to

Plays should be no more than 2 minutes in length (read it out to yourself at a pace you’d expect to hear it recorded)

Plays should include no more than 2 voices

Plays must be set in Wiltshire: any location and any time zone.

Plays can be based on fact or works of fiction

Creativity is key!


druids carry out a health and safety briefing while building Stonehenge

peregrines look down on visitors from the top of Salisbury Cathedral

the barmaid’s ghost serves a pint at the Red Lion in Avebury

Submissions will be edited and recorded within limits


Deadline for submissions Monday 2 March 10am

Broadcast Monday 4 – Friday 15 May

Make a dramatic difference to a child

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